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world wide coffee production

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data source: international coffee organisation-ico.org, basemap: speciality coffee association of america-scaa.org

A hot drink to feel activated

Coffee is one of the most traded products of the world

Ethopia is the origin of the plant "coffea arabica" known as coffee. The colonialist distributed coffee around the world. Plantations are only possible in the tropical vegetation zone between the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, called the coffee belt.

Millon tons of coffee are traded not fair

fairtradeatlas shows the data behind the trade and every coffee mug

Around 9.8 mill. tons is the annual coffee production worldwide. Only 6.5% are produced under fair trade conditions. Coffee is a product for small farmers which are depended on middle man organizing the further selling. The coffee global market price is volatile influenced by annual weather conditions in the mayor prduction countries. Climate change put additional pressure on small producers

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